Congressional Medal of Honor Museum Founder's Society

The Case for Support: To build our museum we have focused upon Public, Private, and Corporate goals of $15 million each to raise $45 million. We began with Public Funding and, though we have more to present, that area of funding is quite active.

Our initiation of Private and Corporate Fundraising will require the hiring of a professional team and a visionary document that inspires our proposed donors. 

In the meantime, our Executive Board has proposed an outstanding program to jumpstart the process of private and corporate fundraising. The CMOH Museum Founder’s Society is timely and consequential. It is meant to:

· Create community cohesion with a founding support group of dignitaries and luminaries.

· Edify the public entities who have placed their trust in our efforts.

· Initiate the Conversation of Support with the private and corporate community.

· Show substantial Support of the project to the Medal of Honor Society in their October 25 Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL.

· Develop a wide base of funding support within the community and state.

· Expand our Master Prospect List by the personal recommendations of the Founder’s Society membership.

· Reward those who have supported us early in the process.

You are invited to participate in this special offer to recognize our early core supporters. There is no pressure to join; just an offer extended. The Founder’s Society is a one-time $1000 ask to be pledged by October 22, 2019 and paid by December 31, 2019 (or in two $500 payments by March 31, 2020).  

The designation entitles this class to be listed on the Founder’s Society Plaque prominently located inside the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum. In addition, the full Founder’s Society membership will be listed in a full-page advertisement placed in The Post & Courier.  Each member will receive a special gift package and Founder’s Society lapel pin. 

The initiative is meant to open the conversation with the membership to determine his or her level of total donation commitment and/or that donor’s ability to identify other private/corporate donors.  

An optimum response is to accumulate 100 Founder’s Society members by October 22, 2019

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